IT Services
IT Services
At Objectstream, we believe that deriving true, lasting value from technology requires not only IT-related skills, but also a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of business strategy. Today's businesses need partners capable of discussing both strategy and technology and their joint implications for facilitating effective business execution. Our IT services can help you craft a strategic vision--a solid theoretical foundation encompassing the core business processes of your organization--and then implement a practical, business-specific IT system and technology framework that turns this vision into reality.

Our IT professionals specialize in providing a number of services, which include:

Enterprise Architecture / Service Oriented Architecture
Businesses aiming to achieve continuous growth, successful security risk management, and efficient interdepartmental communication in the presence of distributed IT systems and architecture would do well to implement comprehensive, sophisticated enterprise architecture. Insufficient IT infrastructure and architecture often leads to decreased performance, increased security risk, and a level of inflexibility that calls for extensive, costly, unnecessary IT system upgrades to accommodate even minor changes in business applications/processes. Objectstream's Enterprise Architecture consulting experts will help transform your business into a secure, reliable, revenue-generating powerhouse by designing a foundation for business execution that digitizes your core business processes and allows for the sort of agility necessary to thrive in a dynamic global economy.

Objectstream Service Oriented Architecture Consulting offers an end-to-end lifecycle approach to defining and implementing SOA solutions. The use of heterogeneous technologies and applications in distributed environments is a reality. When resources are scarce and the only alternative is leveraging existing IT infrastructure, service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a popular solution, as it allows for reuse of and interoperability between heterogeneous applications and technologies. Objectstream's development strategy entails aligning SOA design with key business objectives in order to deliver concrete, measurable benefits while simultaneously addressing real world concerns such as the security and manageability of implemented solutions.

Quality Assurance / Independent Verification & Validation
Erratic fluctuations of market, constant changes of environment, and completely unpredictable behavioral patterns characterize today's business world. With IT having become the central point around which today's businesses orbit, optimum levels of efficiency and effectiveness of the IT environment has become imperative.

A vital underlying factor in this situation is that the quality of output of all IT functions is of the highest order, with no room for lapses. A loss of quality in any output can have catastrophic effects on the entire business. The need of the hour is the availability of an end to end Quality solution that addresses all the process needs of an organization and ensures maximum Return on Investment.

Objectstream Quality Assurance Consulting endeavors to improve IT Value and IT Governance for customers, using custom built process solutions and giving customers a 360-degree solution all round to address all their process needs.

Requirements Management / Business Process Management
Our Requirements Management services are aimed at helping our clients leverage industry standard Requirements Management and visual modeling tools to properly manage and administer requirements and change process through design, testing and development with minimal effort. Our professionals are seasoned experts in Business Analysis, Requirements Management, and Software Engineering who use best practices and established tools to ensure that software and systems are delivered in accordance with relevant business requirements.

Business Process Management allows organizations to model, digitize, and automate their critical processes, those that must provide consistent reliability. Core business processes ranging from Expense Management, Accounts Payable, and New Hire processes should be clearly articulated and digitized so management may apply maximum time, attention, and effort to high level business vision and strategy. Our professional staff of proven BPM veterans offers the analysis, experience, and know-how to ensure your initial and ongoing BPM and workflow success.

Our BPM Consulting services include:
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Business Process Design
  • Business Process Development and Deployment
  • Process Simulation and Optimization
  • BPM Readiness Assessment

Our BPM practice strategy centers on providing assistance to organizations in bridging the gap between process and technology, as well as highlighting the agility and consistency that comes with core business process automation and digitization.

Application Development & Maintenance
Our Application Development & Management service line focuses on developing and managing IT applications with an eye to identifying and solving critical business and technology issues in descending order of importance. Our efficient, effective software development methodology, coupled with the expertise of our team and our alliance with industry leaders, places Objectstream in a uniquely qualified position to reliably and consistently deliver solutions that fulfill stakeholder vision and requirements.

Object-Oriented Development: Objectstream assists organizations with the use of and transition into object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) methodologies, which our personal experience, as well as expert testimony, identifies as the most reliable bet for the timely delivery of software systems that often exceed functionality expectations. Our team commands extensive fluency, proficiency and experience with J2EE/JEE/Java and .Net/C# development. We also have several years of experience realizing critical and complex business requirements through the explicit use of industry standard UML diagrams, Use Case requirements capturing methodology and Component Based Development (Business Service Enablement).

Database Warehousing and Mining
  • Work with clients on a variety of database reporting toolsets, such as Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Cognos, Oracle Reports and JasperReports.

Legacy Migration
  • Transform legacy applications to redesigned web-based applications employing cutting edge technologies, which makes them more maintainable, changeable, cross-browser compatible, and more easily integrated with external applications.
  • Alternatively, after conducting detailed analysis, determine if service enabling is more appropriate as opposed to a legacy migration
  • Our professional staff has successfully migrated legacy applications to newer platforms, thereby producing higher efficiency, responsiveness and agility. One of our best practices in the arena of legacy migration calls for an implementation strategy that identifies and mitigates potential interference with business processes, leading to a smooth, seamless transition among IT systems. We also determine those conditions under which service enabling (SOA) is the more appropriate, expedient solution, rather than a legacy migration initiative. Our team can and will provide the detailed business analysis necessary to make a fair, informed decision on the firm basis of the relevant facts.
  • Our best practices in the arena of legacy migration support an implementation strategy that identifies and mitigates potential interference with business processes, leading to a smooth, seamless transition among IT systems.

Solutions development
Objectstream's RUP SEP methodology balances the real-world need for performance, cost and availability estimates against the lean, behavior-driven, service-oriented structure of Agile methodologies.

Iterative use case analysis, coupled with close interaction among all project team members, facilitates successful realization of this delicate balance between structure, predictability and agility.

Even the best software engineering process tools and methods are not sufficient for project success. Our dynamic project managers retain the leadership and passion necessary to cultivate a collaborative team environment in which requirements and ideas are leveraged to generate maximum business value from IT investments.

Our services are guided by a well-articulated ITIL operations and service philosophy, a foundation upon which the delivery of value-added, process-driven, customer-centric IT solutions become possible.

IT Risk Management
In today's world of digital information, systems and information security is very important for an organization. Effective risk management plays a vital role in achieving these missions and goals. Risk management is the process of identifying risk, assessing risk, and taking steps to reduce risk to an acceptable level (ref. NIST). Our qualified staff is working with ATO to provide a comprehensive view of all risks related to the use of IT and a similarly thorough treatment of risk management, from the tone and culture at the top, to operational issues by adhering to NIST standards and ISACA's Risk IT framework.

IT Help Desk Support Services
Executing Information Technology International Library (ITIL) v3 enabled service desk capabilites. Focusing on achieving higher service desk incident and problem resolution at lower cost.