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IT Governance
  • Objectstream retains a staff of project managers and business analysts with the broad IT, managerial and auditing experience necessary to deliver robust, effective Enterprise and IT Governance solutions.
  • We utilize ISACA's COBIT framework and tools, such as EPF, Rational Method Composer, and SharePoint for process authoring and collaboration.
  • We are implementing IT Governance in the following IT domains: Enterprise Architecture, Change Management, Configuration Management, Application Portfolio Management, Customer Relationship Management and Risk Management.

Application Portfolio Management
As a business itself, Objectstream recognizes the importance of strategic alignment of IT with business. Application Portfolio Management (APM) is an on-going and managed service, which ensures IT investments always deliver the required business value. APM aids in legacy obsolescence, increased ROI through portfolio optimization driven by strategic alignment, measuring IT investments and restructuring IT investments for better results. Most businesses have their IT implementations as technology-based solutions, while Objectstream's recommendations will be driven by your business portfolio. 

Objectstream has proven experience in conducting analysis of portfolio data to align application inventory with business priorities. Our consultants are experienced in developing product roadmaps and associated business processes that ensure the validity and integrity of your portfolio data. These processes ensure accuracy of the portfolio data and increase reliability on the portfolio so that your management can comfortably make informed decisions.

Our consultants will provide the guidance and support to help mature your APM practice and also setup governance for your application portfolio. Objectstream's consultants base their decisions on scientific reasoning and statistical data analysis. They are experienced in gathering such data/metrics that aid in demonstrating, quantifying and measuring the portfolio. Objectstream's APM consulting practices adhere to Gartner Level 3 APM Maturity.

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Project & Portfolio Management
Objectstream's Portfolio Management professionals takes a holistic, comprehensive approach in the endeavor to encapsulate your organization's strategic goals within its IT infrastructure. Whether you need to manage a few or perhaps thousands of projects for strategic growth, our staff of experienced project and portfolio management professionals bring years of project, resource, and portfolio management experience to bear on your organization's unique business needs. Our primary objective is to determine that optimal sequence and combination of proposed projects which best serves to achieve organizational business and technical strategy goals, while simultaneously heeding constraints imposed by management or external real-world factors.

We Are "Content Rich" Project Managers.

We firmly believe that industry and technology knowledge are not sufficient to achieve successful project results. We believe the discipline of rigorous, pragmatic project management is an  indispensable condition for project success. We take special pride in staffing our firm with some of the best, brightest, most seasoned Project Managers the IT industry has to offer.

The tools and techniques of the Project Management discipline reduce risk and provide structure to what would otherwise be unstructured and unpredictable activities. We recognize that successful practice of Project Management as a discipline calls for a broad, comprehensive skill set that eludes simple explanation. Real-world, human factors behind project execution are often a troublesome source of delays, cost overruns, or total project failure. The successful Project Manager must identify and mitigate these risks, appreciating and properly handling the sensitive social nature of project development and execution. Our Project Managers avoid anchoring on any one of the dimensions involved with managing persons and projects, and instead actively formulate a comprehensive strategy designed to address the many and varied aspects that are inextricably linked to successful project management and completion.

Process and Methodology
Our IT professionals develop process solutions in accordance with industry best standards, which often leads to mature organizational operations that are in harmony with general, unwritten business standards and specific workplace cultures. We take a collaborative approach with our clients to carefully refine the delicate balance between people, process and technology.

Our process improvement-related solutions include established process models and applied proven methodology and practices (RUP/ITIL/CMM/Six Sigma), as well as customized solutions tailored for your specific, unique business needs. Objectstream Process Consulting services empower organizations with increased competitive advantage by fostering business value, driving down costs, and enabling rapid, agile adjustment to dynamic market challenges.

Objectstream's ITIL process improvement consulting combines highly skilled ITIL expertise with real-world experience in process improvement transformation. We will work with you to build the ITSM program that is right for your organization.

Security Consulting
Objectstream provides security consulting services in the following areas:
  • X509 Certificates and SSL
  • LDAP
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Data Encryption
  • Privacy Act Compliance and Reporting

Disaster Recovery
  • Objectstream staff has extensive experience in developing and administering disaster recovery plans for clients in both the public and private sector.
  • Depending on the critical nature of the application, as well as its availability, a disaster recovery site can be synched in real time, and thus be capable of almost instantaneously replacing the original application.

Technology Consulting
A close alliance between business and technology initiatives is crucial for reducing costs, improving efficiency, and promoting business agility. Objectstream's technology consultants leverage sophisticated, industry standard design and construction strategies that serve to exploit IT systems for maximum business value. Our consultants combine extensive technical expertise and experience with strong strategic and business-centered leadership to make your business truly agile. Our technology consulting services encompass areas such as architecture, business value analysis, asset management, product evaluation and selection, data privacy and security of their IT function.

Our technology consultants work closely with clients to clearly identify and articulate business needs, striking that delicate, elusive balance between leveraging existing IT systems and increasing functionality only insofar as the particular business need dictates. We take our responsibility to provide technology solutions at the very lowest cost possible to your business quite seriously.

Aviation Consulting
Objectstream provides consulting services in the following areas:
  • Certification and regulatory compliance (FAR Part 121, 135, 145)
  • Safety policy and program development in both operations and maintenance
  • Safety Management System (SMS) development and implementation
  • Engineering for ground based navigation systems