Case Studies

Objectstream helps FAA streamline large and complex project execution, improve documentation and increase software process maturity
Objectstream offers a broad range of design and IT-related services including application development and maintenance, software development consultancy, project management, and business consulting. Our  highly-skilled software development professionals assisted the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with a most challenging development initiative to increase software process maturity.

The Challenge
  • Managing and maintaining large and complex systems
  • Meeting mission critical needs with zero fault tolerance
  • Managing scope and change
  • Ability to minimize risk
  • Cultivating a repeatable and predictable way of working that spans all aspects of the software development lifecycle
  • Maintaining a disciplined yet flexible approach to software development while also maintaining a high level of quality
  • Detecting inconsistencies in requirements, designs, and implementations

The Solution
Objectstream helped lead the intiative as the FAA adopted the Rational Unified Process (RUP) as a prescriptive software engineering process aimed to guide their software development improvement initiative. Through tailoring or extending RUP, the FAA could best match its specific needs. The RUP provided a solid solution to the FAA due to its ability to capture software development best practices in a form suitable for a wide range of projects and organizations:
  • Develop software iteratively
  • Manage requirements
  • Use component-based architecture
  • Visually model software
  • Control changes to software

The Results
Objectstream played a pivotal role in helping FAA successfully implement RUP with tangible results, such as accomplishing a larger volume of work across shorter timeframes and with greater momentum. Due to a skillfully tailored RUP implementation spearheaded by Objectstream staff, the FAA continues to meet milestone objectives. Customer-centric focus and collaboration across teams are high without marginalizing any particular sector. In addition to remaining consistently on schedule and under budget, the FAA cites improved quality, risk management, uniformity, and predictability as key benefits of implementing the RUP.

Objectstream helps Department of Revenue, State of Tennessee modernize and improvise the titling and registration service through real-time web services.
Objectstream offers a broad range of design and IT-related services, including application development and maintenance, software development consultancy, project management, and business consulting. Our  highly-skilled software development professionals are helping the State of Tennessee implement a new Vehicle Titling & Registration enterprise solution (Title & Registration User's System of Tennessee, or TRUST).

The Challenge
  • Replace the current legacy Title & Registration system with a web-enabled system using newer technologies
  • Enable the capture of details and activities related to customer interaction
  • Provide more services using fewer resources to the citizens of Tennessee
  • Streamline government processes and increase productivity
  • Provide seamless integration with existing systems
  • Provide reliable and secure data
  • Leverage technology to re-engineer in-house work processes and enhance customer service
  • Provide highly trained IT staff with exceptional customer service
  • Provide quality customer service to every user
  • Provide a reliable, secure infrastructure
  • Improve business processes by leveraging technology
  • Minimize risk while maintaining a high level of quality

The Solution
TRUST is a state-of-the-art online system designed to give the State of Tennessee access for registering and licensing their motor vehicles. The project will be implemented in phases and will utilize a customer-centric focus to achieve excellence in services offered through their motor vehicle-related divisions. The system will be designed to accommodate six million plate renewals per year. The new system will be placed in all 95 counties, giving the 900 users and county clerks greater capabilities when working with their customers. TRUST will improve titling and registration processes for the state and its citizens through an innovative web-based interface, which provides the ability to renew auto registrations. The new system will replace current aging systems, providing greater functionality and flexibility in automotive titling and registration, deterring fraud and improving law enforcement capabilities.

TRUST provides many new enhancements; for instance, the concept that all activities will be focused on the customer. The customer-centric feature will allow search capability of customers, maintaining customer details, merging duplicate customers, vehicle inquiries and the activities related to the customer. Through web services, this comprehensive system solution interfaces with Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and allows external vendors to submit data. Additionally, routing capabilities are provided through workflow, substantially enhancing productivity.

The Results Objectstream plays an integral role in this ongoing contract with the State of Tennessee to deliver a new web-enabled system as replacement of the current legacy Title & Registration system. Whether it be converting legacy systems to newer technologies or providing high-end technology capabilities, Objectstream is supporting the successful delivery of strategic IT objectives to the State of Tennessee. As a trusted partner, Objectstream continues its reputation of providing state and federal government agencies with quality services at lower costs.

Objectstream develops the Application Retirement Process for the ATO IT, to help meet Solution Delivery Group's goal of code reduction.
ATO IT's Solution Delivery Group's strategy for achieving a target of 5% reduction in source code was to identify and decommission software assets. This strategy required developing a roadmap of software assets for decommissioning. For the roadmap to be reliable, it was essential that the process for retiring is equally reliable, structured and measurable. Collaborative efforts between Objectstream and Solution Delivery, led to the development of the Application Retirement Process. Objectstream was instrumental in designing a lean and structured process that was measurable and also provided metrics. The process is enterprise-wide and gathers metrics for various financial, operational and process assessments. Objectstream ensured that process governance was included in the process design through appropriate stage gates and approvals. Extensive discussions with the other ATO IT groups that were involved in this process led to their successful buy-in and support. The process duration estimates was developed in conjunction with the groups involved with the actual decommissioning. Documentation trail of approved sign-offs and decommission completion documents that capture the metrics relevant to the group are all captured and stored for future reference. The process completion duration provided the time estimates required for the roadmap. Following a successful pilot implementation, Objectstream is proud to announce a successful roll-out of the Application Retirement Process for the ATO IT.

Objectstream's whitepaper on this process can be found here.