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company overview

We at Objectstream work with passion to assist you in overcoming your challenges and celebrate your success – True Partners.

Businesses aiming to achieve continuous growth, successful security risk management, and efficient interdepartmental communication in the presence of distributed IT systems and architecture would do well to implement comprehensive, sophisticated enterprise architecture. Insufficient IT infrastructure and architecture often leads to decreased performance, increased security risk, and a level of inflexibility that calls for extensive, costly, and unnecessary IT system upgrades to accommodate even minor changes in business applications/processes. Objectstream's Enterprise Architecture consulting experts will help transform your business into a secure, reliable, revenue-generating powerhouse by designing a foundation for business execution that digitizes your core business processes and allows for the sort of agility necessary to thrive in a dynamic global economy. Objectstream was founded in 2004 and has since become an emerging leader in providing superior management and information technology consulting services. We offer a broad range of services across the IT landscape, including training and staff augmentation. Our collaborative, seasoned professionals will work diligently to ensure your IT infrastructure is leveraged to cash out continuous, maximum business value and agility, helping your business and/or governmental organization thrive.

With Objectstream's winning combination of skilled teams, innovative methods, and established, well-articulated processes, we will furnish your business with the tools necessary to effectively confront and manage risk, define requirements with clarity and precision, and successfully manage assets throughout the product lifecycle in its entirety.

Our primary focus is value centricity in our customer relationships. Our aviation focus has enabled the acceleration of FAA's NextGen instrument flight procedure program and assured system integrity in the transmission of aeronautical data used in procedure development, flight inspection and aeronautical charting systems.

Our talented teams of consultants bring rich and varied backgrounds to the IT and business table, all of which add up to a holistic, balanced perspective that reliably and consistently delivers tangible business value. The improved efficiency, performance, and overall quality Objectstream can and will infuse in your IT systems and solutions will help your organization secure the decisive competitive advantage; by automating low level, mundane business processes within IT infrastructure, your organization is free to pursue high level business development and growth.

Objectstream's presence is growing as fast as our reputation for excellence and innovation. With presence in Oklahoma, Maryland and Tennessee, we are excited at the prospect of continuous business growth and earning recognition as the IT and business consulting firm par excellence!